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EVVEL is a leonardite-derived soil conditioner (Humic Acid). LEONARDIT is a mineral that completes its formation in millions of years with the decay of plant and animal waste. The humic acid contained in LEONARDIT is more important and has a better quality than any other herbal humic acid. It is not as effective as LEONARDIT.

The quality of LEONARDIT is measured by the cation exchange capacity. The  leonardite we use in EVVEL is 580 MAC. The closest to liquid Leonardit  humic acid cation exchange capacity here in Turkey is  of 320 MAC. High cation exchange capacity facilitates uptake by breaking down plant nutrients found in the soil, as well as facilitates uptake by the plant, binds nutrients to the plant root just as the magnet pulls the pin and is effective in transporting it to the plant body with water.

EVVEL is a LEONARDITE originated humic acid with a very high cation exchange capacity, meaning it has a high soil dissolution.

- It increases the water holding capacity of the soil. Thus, it provides an average of 20-25% savings from irrigation.

- It dissolves the soil and prevents pilling and lumpy. This facilitates tillage. The plant roots easier.

- By breaking down the plant nutrients in the soil, it enables the plant to take root more easily.

- Since the chemical fertilizer used is reduced by an average of 1/3, it also saves fertilizer.

- Since it balances the pH of the soil, the plant benefits from all of the fertilizer that is thrown.

- Encourages the plant’s rooting.

- It provides resistance against root diseases.

- It does not go away from the soil with watering, it is permanent.

- Because it is black, it darkens the soil, and this increases the PHOTOCENTHESIS.

- A high pH in the label indicates that Leonardite is useful and can be used from soil, not from leaves. It has nothing to do with the pH of the soil.

From the moment it is applied to the soil before planting and coming into contact with water, it makes the plant nutrients and chemical fertilizers thrown to the base , which cannot be taken in the soil (due to ph problem or excessive chemical fertilizer applications). It revives and fluffs the soil. It increases the amount of organic matter in the soil by increasing the microorganism activity in the soil. It improves saline and lime potassium soils. It increases the plant's resistance to diseases. It strengthens the root system. 



The quality and productivity of the soils are determined by the amount of substance it contains, the lime rate and the pH. Lime and salt in all of the chemical fertilizers we use have made our country's soils high in pH, calcareous and salty over time. Along with this, it has led to a decrease in the quality of our yields and products. ESSERRA, which is 100% a Turkish production, will provide you with the greatest support in the better quality and good growth of your products and crops with its 45% organic matter and 22% Organic Carbon . Due to its plant origin, it accelerates the plant development by taking it from the leaf.

ESSERRA PLUS, which is added with trace elements, reinforces the deficiencies in the plant and provides quality and earliness. It increases the resistance of the plant against diseases.


  • Encourages rooting in plants and provides increase in yield and quality.
  • It increases resistance against diseases, frost, drought and pests with its root system developed in plants.
  • It is obtained from plant sources and works both in soil and in the plant.
  • It accelerates the formation of chlorophyll and enables the plant to turn green.
  • In fruits and vegetables, it contributes to its development in terms of taste, aroma and color.
  • It also supports the nitrogen, potassium and zinc needs of the plant from the leaves.It
  • It provides increase in efficiency, efficiency and quality in the products.
  • Since it is organic, it can be applied with all pesticides.
  • Eliminates the side effects of pesticides in plants.
  • Since it is herbal, it passes through the stems in the leaves and penetrates the plant.
  • Since it is easy to apply, it saves money and labor. 



Due to the high rate of potassium, fruit ripening, coloration and increased quality are directly affected.

Along with potassium, it helps young fruits that are not prepared to ripen thanks to the other ingredients it contains. It does not cause forced ripening.

It helps plants not to be affected by adverse conditions, increases resistance against disease factors. It positively affects the natural color of the fruit.



It is a product designed to meet the needs of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Zinc.

The uptake by the plant is not affected by hot and cold climatic conditions.

It provides resistance to stress due to climatic conditions.

The green parts of the plants help relieve growth retardation.

It helps to increase grain number in grain production, increase grain size and thus increase the number of grains.

Thanks to the zinc it contains, it helps the flower development. 



Thanks to its special formulation, it is recommended to make a premix even though there is no problem of mixing with most pesticides and plant nutrition products.

It increases the resistance of the plant and minimizes the effects of environmental conditions.

By increasing the resistance of the fruit against cracking, it provides indirect resistance against some fungal diseases.

Increases the transportation resistance of the fruit and vegetables it is applied to and extends its shelf life.

It helps to eliminate Sodium (Na) salinity caused by soil structure or irrigation water.



Due to the special Systemic Copper it contains, it meets the copper need and can be transported with transmission bundles.

Thanks to the copper it contains, it also has an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effect.

It is not affected by environmental conditions after application.

Overdose should not be done and application should be avoided during the hot hours of the day.



Ethanolamine contains chelated and  easily soluble Bo (B) that can be taken up quickly by plants. It increases fruit number set and helps ripening.It eliminates the problem of non-growth in fruits and deformities.It increases the resistance of the plant against environmental conditions.



It meets the need for zinc and helps to remove Phosphorus.

It provides resistance to stress due to climatic conditions.

The green parts of the plants help relieve growth retardation.

It helps to increase grain number in grain production, increase grain size and thus increase the number of grain.

Thanks to the zinc it contains, it helps the flower development. 



Zinc in its content prevents boron from accumulating excessively in plants and creating a toxic effect.

It helps to promote flowering in plants, increase flower quality, turn flower into fruit and increase fruit attitude.

Helps increase eye efficiency, fruit set and therefore overall yield.

Overdose should not be done and application should be avoided during the hot hours of the day



It is a food source that can be taken quickly.

It increases the efficiency of other plant nutrition products used together.

It increases root development and accelerates photosynthesis. It affects the fruit set and fruit development indirectly. It provides resistance against stresses caused by climatic conditions.

It enriches the soil micro fauna.

By increasing the permeability of the soil, it swells the soil and helps its aeration.

It lowers the pH in the soil.

Increases the solution of macro and micronutrients connected to the soil.



It helps to eliminate chlorosis in plants regardless of its source.

It increases bud and flower formation. It prevents spillage, developmental retardation and small fruit formation.